Of Illogical Base 10




(A) The Infiniteness of One Theorem will be my guiding insight into seeking to express and explain how Base 10 is numerically and literally logical within this all-encompassing academic system.     


That’s a great insight and a question any inquisitive child would and should ask, but the answer possesses a difficulty teachers the world over try to explain, because math is supposed to be a “logical” science.  


How do you recognize the reality of zero and it’s numeric value?   


Silence isn't the thirteenth note. Silence in music is like zero; for which I represent it as the zero. The silent note symbol plus the twelve notes symbols, equal thirteen.   


Nine is the highest unique number in mathematics and twelve is the highest note in music.   


As far as mathematic is concerned, let me see if I can twist this into a logical conclusion. Do not have a static mind-set, you need an active mind-set with a willingness to go beyond the known to discover the unknown.  


I understand that Base 10 is not an easy concept to explain to young impressionable minds; or even adults, for that matter, especially when Base 2 is so easy.   


During my research, I couldn’t and didn’t find a single explanation that made it a logical mathematical concept; so again, I’m going to provide a mathematical concept from my system.  


Note:    If I received credit for all the educational and innovative input I have provide, I’d be on the lips of most institutions.   


Education colleges, here’s another thing to take credit for (an internet search and a visit to Kahn Academy; you’ll find no explanation, but I did see the integration of patterns).  


In the mid 1980’s of my computer keypunch cards usage, my research and system development revealed pattern was a little used foreign word; especially in academia. My, my how times change. No credit there.  


So this is my final educational concept for Kahn Academy and other educational institutions to discover own their own:       


Numbers are numeric symbols that serve as theoretical or practical representation of real or imagined entities.  


Meaning, symbols are like place holders. Zero or silence represents realities of nothingness. Nothing has value and in mathematics zero is the placeholder for the entity of nothing.  


These numeric placeholder symbols represent patterns and patterns are the motions and movements that occur and expressed in highly predictable and or logical order. 


Nature represents patterns. Our bodies represent patterns. Our brains are the greatest pattern machines known to exist.   


Thus, I say that to say this, this entire educational system is founded upon patterns and this means, my explanation is in accordance and in compliance with this system of my creation.  


Let’s start with the concept of patterns and patterns are the symbolic representation of; as previously stated, your numeric keyboard, which has ten keys, but only goes up to nine.   


Silence is like zero; as they are considered to be nothings, but these nothings must be counted to be heard, because they represent a value.   


The Base 10 numeric system doesn't seem logical because nine is the highest unique symbol (number), but change your perspective and look at it as a pattern-based system.  


Repetition is the motion/movements that are repeated patterns and so, let’s look at the basic pattern of life in which the repetition thereof is called living.  


Living is about time and time is the patterns associated with the clock.  


Again, let's use the clock as our Base 10 example; the zero or starting point is at the twelve position.   


Notice, in traditional mathematics, children learn that numbers are linear; whereas, I think a better representation of and for children learning numeric patterns, is circular (analog).   


The clock’s ending point is also at the twelve position, which denotes 60 minutes has elapsed or one hour. The pattern of repetition continues ad infinitum.  


In reality there are only two numbers zero and one; all the other numbers are resultants of one. The Bible mentions; Adam and Eve from his being.   


For you can't have two or any other number without one, the beginning, the start.   


On the clock, from twelve to twelve is a one revolution pattern. And from ten to ten, is one revolution pattern in Base ten.  


Nothingness gave birth to everythingness, so you must count and credit it because zero or silence is a reality.  


Nothing; it is a reality, but we can't eat nothing, so zero is a placeholder along with the numeric symbols one through nine; just as the ten numeric keys on the computer.  


The twelve on the clock represents itself as zero AND twelve.     


In Base 10, the first numeric revolutionary pattern in numeric mathematics starts AND ends with zero.  


Mind you, this is from my pedagogy (Infiniteness of One Theorem) and different from what you're being taught and can find in books, internet or colleges of education.  


In this system, related to Base 10, it recognizes the reality and value of zero as part of the narrative story of mathematics “story.”  


Nine is the last of the unique numbers, but it doesn’t represent pattern completion because zero hasn’t been accounted for and zero resets the pattern to begin it anew.  


I said a logical pattern starts and through patterned movements (vibrations) and motions (frequencies), ends at the starting point; AKA sine wave.  


This is the only school with its own sine wave related to its arts and sciences academic curricula.     


The nine symbols, plus the zero symbol takes you back to zero; which counts and accounts for the ten symbols of zero through nine or zero through twelve music notes (a music concept unique to this system).  


Base 10 in mathematics; it’s the ten placeholders of zero through nine and in music it’s an octave; the thirteen placeholders of zero through twelve.  


The completion of one pattern and the beginning of the repetitive pattern nature of the sequential one; and on to ad infinitum.  


In addition, children are taught a term called, “carry.” Carry is the pattern of transferring a numeric symbol from one column of digits to the next one of more significance. 





(ABOVE) NuNique Institute

Diagram of Circular Base 10 Numerical Patterns 


Now apply that same rational to nine, by carrying the unvalued and unrepresented zero onto the nine to represent the ten numeric placeholders to complete the numeric pattern.   


After the last unique numeral of nine, zero is recognized as the beginning and end in the completion of the firs and unique numeric pattern sequence.  


Zero is carried from the start to be “adjoined” unto its first birth; the number one, making it a ten, completing the pattern cycle to start new pattern cycle beginning.  


After unique numeral nine, one and zero or 10 is one, the first born is empowered to represent the omitted value of zero to complete the first pattern sequence cycle in Base 10 counting.   


It is this one law that allows for a Base 10 numeric pattern sequence of numeric one through infinity.   


There are laws in Mathematics and I deemed this the Base 10 Zero Law.  


Zero Law; the only instance where zero is not added to nine, but is adjoined to nine to fulfill the law that a complete pattern cycle begins and ends at the same point; in this case, with zero.   


Why? Everything was born from zero or nothing and zero became one.  


One is really the only creation and number. The Infiniteness of One Theorem is: one is everything and everything is one.   


One became two (a single sided coin, an inseparable one that’s two).  


The basis of like; positive, negative; life, death; male, female; hot, cold; etc.   


Two becomes three, becomes four and are defined by their position within and between the diametric opposite extremes.   


A similar pattern process in nature is biologically described as mitosis and meiosis.  


One “whole” male cells of forty-six divides itself by half to become twenty-three and one “whole” female cells divide exactly the same and then they unite to become “whole” again at forty-six.   


Positive and negative; male and female sexual chromosomes of “addition through division” becomes three. (Biology of addition through division; Infiniteness of One Theorem).  


One is the only number in which it is an exact and equal multiple of ALL/EVERY number. A claim no other number can make.   


From one, everything. It is not addition of one plus one. It is division of one into everything. One divided by 2 (opposites), by 3 (dimension), 4 (direction), etc into infinity.   


Think of an apple, in slices, pieces, chunks all the way to applesauce and smaller. Still one apple but divided into invisible air, all the way to infinity.   


These molecular sized apple pieces can unite (where addition comes in) and become solids, liquids or gases.   

From one, division into everything. Everything is additions of combinations to from other things. But everything from one. The Infiniteness of One.   


Zero births one or zero-one (01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10) one-zero or ten.   


Nine couldn’t return to be eleven or double ones, because zero needed to be accounted for.   


In the Zero Law, zero validates one through nine and serves to reset the pattern of continuation anew.   


Zero makes the pattern of continuation possible and once it is done once, it never needs to do it again – Base 10 Law of Zero.  


Zero-One is start and One-Zero is completion to indicate the initial unique pattern.  Diametric opposites. 


Zero is the pattern reset (circular), because a pattern continuation (linear) means an illogical pattern without repetition. A zeroless Base 10 pattern system.   


A pattern reset continuation (circular) is the replication of nature. Night, day. Day, night. Zero resets and births each day anew (circular); while at the same time (pun), it represents a continuation (linear).  


This means zero births and counts for everything; for everything was born from nothing or zero.   


Zero through nine is everything, as they are the ten and only unique numeric symbols in Base 10 and all other numeric symbols are compositions thereof and therefrom.  


Base 10 is expressed as a circular system and if you want to compare it to a patterned system in nature, consider concentric circles. Circles patterned in a linear progression.  


Your typical system, such as Kahn Academy and other educational institutions, you’ll find the word, blocks.   


And as promised, there will be no more exhibits and examples of how the traditional education model doesn’t adequately translate into this system of learning; whether the arts or sciences.  





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Research  :  For the sake of simplicity, I recorded thought-energy on a musical composition and need ears to listen to determine if others can hear-feel the energy. Test The Contest is seeking contestants.  

As the  Head Rocker in Chief  ,  I didn’t want to hinder and distract with too much vocals. I recorded the “  Higher EFT  ” vocals on my cell phone one morning last month in a handball court in a local park. Great acoustics!

Flowchart (ABOVE):  I had written paragraphs to provide a synopsis and realized, it was too much, so I shortened it to what I call;  Symbolic Thought-Pattern Structuring  .

This allowed me to transpose the paragraphs into a flowchart for the purpose of codified simplicity. I know coding is the rage today; whereas, this is more akin to programming.    

To supplement the flowchart, I will provide more a more in-depth perspective in which the paragraphs will more mirror the flowchart.

Remember, the research is simple; it’s just that my approach is more educational, so take off my Chief Head Rocker ’s hat.




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 Below:  Numeric Logarithmic Patterns

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