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If government subsidized medical care is socialism, why isn’t free schooling, socialism?  And why free?


Money Discriminates 


FREE allows everyone to think they have a special talent.  It has not one iota to do with a person's financial well-being or amount of money. 


Money discriminates against people and my initiative is to see who fits into this educational nomenclature. 


Physical talent, mental talent, intuitive talent; a talent pool large enough for a creative sample. 




I can get more  

Out of FREE 

Money limits 

Speed limits 

No limits on mind 

No limits on talent 

Talent Subjugates 

Money Discriminates 

Shame on money 

Being so corrupt 

Disrupt that thought 

I 1onder and eye 1ander 

 Ǿ astray 

1onderful ray 

Won dearth full 

You one two 

One and same 

Different one 

Won is all 

Time maps 

One beginning 

Always ending 


Lost 1 

Left on 


Upon a time 



What does this sample say about the author?  Do the thought processes reveal anything about personality?  Is there any analytical skill involved? 


Is there a continuity and congruency to the creativity?


As the author, you’d be getting your insight first-hand from the author. 


Student input will tell me more than a test score ever can or will.  Creativity, thought processing, analyzing, imagination, conceptualizing and structuring.


Is there a place for the great test taker with excellent recall?  You bet your sweet honey, yes.  I said the pool is large. 


A new method of learning builds and strengthens synoptic patterns and the brain is greatest pattern machine known to humanity. Creativity comes to fore.


Perspective is the seed of innovation and the goal is to see the common patterns through a new lens and find that potential commonality that links it to human integration. 


Education is stuck in a time warp and there are a lot of fakers who use marketing to mislead the public into thinking their system is innovative.  STEM or STEAM is nothing more than acronyms. 


Believe you me, it's not an easy thing to do, as I'd invested well over four decades of R&D for this school. When you shop for education, shopportunity means you can beccome listed in the annals as, "founding member" (clink link)




You say Medicar for all will not bankrupt the country and that it's financially feasible, but the POTUS says it "Socialism."  How?


I've already considered such as a political consultant for a 2020 Presidential canidate and thus, I'll answer it in the public forum via a Press Release (click link for preview)



Can you define your Infiniteness of One Theorem in simple terms, because it seems illogical?


Let’s start with a few irrefutable facts as I deem them: 

1. All matter, material and immaterial life can be represented as patterns of frequency vibrations.

2. The faster the vibrations, the less the vibration.

3. One is the only true value mathematical number, because all others are a resultant of one.

4. The most important numeric pattern is the one from zero to one.

5. One in Nature is a three component composition of energy, frequency, mass

6. Everything is energy and energy is one, the only true theorem (meaning, one is a representation of reality codified as a numerical value) and even it isn’t a factual representation; as, nothing is one in reality and nature.


In Nature, I have defined one as a three component compositional entity of energy, frequency and mass represented as the symbol of one. This is the truest fact of everything; nothing in life is one, because one is an abstract theoretical mathematical concept of Applied Logical Construct to represent reality.


One is one because it is a composition of parts and to deduce a thing to get to one as a singularity, you’d have to get to infinity, because one is everything and everything is one – The Infiniteness of One Theorem.


In the physics of Quantum Mechanics, this would be classified as the “spectral gap,” the point of getting from zero (ground state) to one (the first/lowest energy state). For the sake of simplicity, I will say zero is the state of material dormancy, like bears hibernating. It is dead, but alive. Yes, illogical.


To deliver illogic, even some matter is classified as gapless. The scientific conclusion is, it’s impossible to determine if all materials are gap or gapless. The application of logic to Nature isn’t science, because Nature isn’t logical, it is; logic is a man-made construct. Bees fly – illogical, ships float – illogical. Light cuts steel – illogical.


Humans apply logic as it’s the best and highest intellectual ability to make “sense” and   “sanity “of life. Perhaps, were we smarter, we’d be on another/higher dimensional plane or another planet?


For simplification, I deduced everything down to being defined by a single word – patterns. Patterns are representation of energy and everything can be defined by motion, even that which appears motionless. Yes, even the motionless has motion. That’s illogical you say? Well, you’re beginning to see the light.


Speaking of light, it represents the fastest patterns and in one instance it’s patterned as a beam and in another, it’s patterned as a wave. Well, I agree that’s illogical. The faster the vibration, the less it vibrates.  Illogical, but as an example, an idling Harley Davidson vibrates more than when it’s at highway cruising speeds.


Vibration frequency is the foundation of all material and immaterial life of motion. Matter or material in its ground state (zero) energy level and when the energy of heat is applied to said matter/material, the heat causes the atoms to emit light or glow. Think red hot.


The heated material provides “gap patterns” in the form of light emitted in various frequencies/speeds (think in terms of crawl, walk, jog, run) due to and because of the different energy levels of the heated atoms in the material composition.


This act of getting from a material’s ground state (zero) to its first energy state (one), provides the critical analysis for the mathematics of quantum mechanics, called the spectral gap.


Given that “one” is a material’s first or lowest energy state, think of one being a crawl, two a walk, three a jog and four a run. Each gap represents a different frequency/speed and provides the basis for gap patterns. This is merely used to provide an understanding that the spectral gap is/can be one plus frequency multiples/exponents of one.


I need to return to Germany: Meines Deutsch sind sehr schlecht und Buchstabieren auch, aber Kennen Sie David Hilbert? He greatly influenced mathematics and is credited with the spectral theory or functional analysis.


Quantum phase transitioning of going from zero to one can happen even when a material composition is kept at an extremely low temperature. The zero phase of a material just means, material dormancy (my definition). I postulate that both states (zero and one) must exist for the material to exist; and to apply the energy of heat only causes the duality of its master pattern (zero state) to exist simultaneously with the active pattern (one state).


Think in terms of electricity. There is a stator (unmoving master pattern) and a rotator (moving active pattern). This duality is necessary for electricity, as well as an atom. When calm waters change into rushing ebbs and flows, waves are created when/where the two energy forces of ebbs and flows meet.


Three component Composition of Energy (time), Frequency (motion) and Mass (material/matter) and in its zero state, the master pattern of the material/matter at which point it maintains its mass (ice). Apply the energy of heat and that causes the frequency and mass of ice to change to water and further heating changes water to the lesser mass of steam.


The theoretical physics spectral gap concept of getting from zero to one means, it is fundamental to the understanding of quantum phases. I say, two phases (inert or not) or patterns; one moving and one unmoving, with the unmoving/stator pattern the master pattern and the moving/rotator pattern(s) the stasis or phase change pattern(s).


Energy, frequency and mass are one, the same and everything: without energy you can’t have frequency or mass, and without frequency you can’t have energy or mass, and without mass you reach a point of infiniteness or the unification of everything as 1. Everything's a patterned compositional construct to comprise one.


To describe this phenomenon, I created a three part composition equation to simply describe my Infiniteness of One Theorem:

1 = (1+1) -:- 2. One person equals (one part female + one part male) divided by two parents. Examples of factors, multiples, and divisors: positive-negative, stator-rotator, gap-gapless, space-time, egg white-yolk, ebb-flow.


Hilbert conceived of what is known as the “Entscheidungs Problem” or decision problem. Entschuldigung, aber Das Problem is auch uber meines Deutsch, so schlecht (Kann ich erzähl eine gute Witz, bischen Spass Machen?)


Alan Turing, the Englishman most famous for breaking the German Enigma code during WWII; but it was his 1937 paper “On Computable Numbers and the Application to the Entscheidungsproblem, but also known for the influence of Gödel’s now known as Incomplete Theorems, on his work.


The point is; Hilbert and his spectral theory and Endentscheidungsproblem, Godel and his Incompleteness Theorems, and Turing, as founder of the field of modern computer science and his Computer Science of Undecideability; the human measure of mind leads us to indefinable incompleteness.


The invisible transmission of data through the air in the form of digital communication, do you consider that logical? Think ESP, quantum teleportation, interstellar travel and thought teleportation, are they logical?


The application of logic to an illogical apparatus means we’re operating at a disadvantage. Language (alphabet) and mathematics (numbers) aren’t logical, they’re pattern-based symbolic systems used to represent our sense, codification, understanding and comprehension of Nature and life. Time is logical to humanity, not Nature; where time is energy.


To determine the veracity and or validation of something in the natural science/physics realm through our application of logic, means you don’t understand Nature isn’t logical or illogical, it simply is, and as such, will leave you and science in a place of Schrödinger's cat, like the hibernating bear that’s dead, but alive.


Religion speaks of God and logic says HE is impossible. So my approach to religion, science and life I titled: The Possibility of the Impossible. It was impossible to define everything by a single word, until I did and created an entire pedagogy based upon that single word of Patterns.  Something never been accomplished!


  INTERVIEW:  Mike Kara Media Group        http://mikekara.com/

A formal transcript of some of the basic areas covered for the simplified version presented to radio listeners and the music presented. Please direct questions, concerns, comments to: 407 334 6218, Thomas Fuller

The Drumatization of Education


Using the music and dance to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). This pedagogy is about practicum-based learning, the primary focus is on fun, so consider the idea of “Druma Drama,” as it nicely fits into The Drumatization of Education. 


Druma Drama, is my dramatic themed series of Vibration Frequency Drumming. Music and dance serve as the basis of culture and this is no difference. 


Since we build from simplicity, we start with the drum. Why? The drum, I determined, is the best instrument invented, of all instruments, scientific or otherwise, that best represents the basis of this entire pedagogy.   


Pursuant to this mission, it's not only the best, but also one of the least expensive tools on which I could research and provide more validation of it as a theorem through empirical evidence. 


The research eventually grows into a mental development that is transformed into a physical form - a musical progeny in the form of recordings.  


For starters, the drum and speaker are of similar constructs, as they both are resonators with a vibrating membrane to create sound through the reflection of vibration frequency sound waves.   


There is a big difference between a theory and a theorem and that distinction will be self-evident based upon the fact, this is a practicum-based theorem, a practicum-based pedagogy.  Do-Learning! 


Vibration Frequency Drumming Research: 1 drum + 1 note / 2 hands = The Infiniteness of One Theorem. The simplicity of one transforming itself into the complexity of infiniteness; one drum, one note.  


I call myself a “druma” because I’m not worthy to call myself a, drummer. This is all about:  


Druma Drama and how one and everything comes from one and I’m going to use a single drum that plays a single note. Its inherent nature is vibration frequency and through the force of energy, energy is created as sound. 


This means hitting the drum’s head causes vibration frequency within the skin/material, and while it’s vibrating, I add more vibration, through hitting the head in frequency patterns.  


If my theorem is correct, I should be able to create/imitate sounds (vibration frequency) wave within human sound spectrum.  


Remember, one goes into any and all numbers (frequencies), and therefore, in theory, with the correct compounding of vibration frequencies, I should be able to imitate/create any sound within the vibration frequency range of sound audible to human hearing.  


This means through proper vibration frequency compounding, I should in theory, make this single note instrument imitate any sound using this single note; limited only by equipment and human capability.  


Let me show you what “um” working with. The drum, the one note simpleton; one drum communicates in one syllable; as other instruments are multisyllabic.  


One note is every note and one note is all notes; and therefore, I will be able to create any and all notes from one, because the distinguishing difference is not the vibration, but the frequency.  


Through the application of the, “Addition Through Divisional Subtraction” upon which the Infiniteness of One Theorem is based, I should be able to provide proof of concept.  


Knowledge reveals the drum is dumb. I take it to my patterns-based pedagogy school and teach it to be more than a one note, one syllable, one trick pony.   


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I taught the dumb drum that, imagination is the sincerest form of flattery.   Be you, but be new, and that’s when this one note specialist came alive.  


I told the dummy, I going to try and teach you to imitate human speech; you monkey; as this is your highest calling. First, I taught it to stutter and secondly, I taught it to stutter in patterns and finally, I taught it to stutter in imitations of human speech. This is Level Three, the dumb drum’s highest calling.  


I taught it to imitate other musical instruments, and on the lowest level, I taught it to be a single drum one note soloist and an accompanist instrument lead.  


From a single note stutterer, I implemented patterns to turn it into a multi-syllabic vibration frequency communicator. It is the compounding of vibrations using specific pattern techniques to create “Frequency Variables” to be voiced from this one note dummy.  


Long story short, I’ve discovered and taught myself and the drum to mimic human speech on a few occasions; of which, a few of them I was fortunate enough to get them recorded before they disappeared back into the ether. 


Uniquely, I play the drum like a piano, guitar, drum set, saxophone, etc This is called, “Chordal Drumming” the techniques-based system of drumming through the application of hand-strokes, shapes, positions, patterns and beatings to create drum head vibrations revealed as sounds.  


Chordal is not a word, but it is in this pedagogy. Chordal Drumming is a technical style of drumming founded upon the physics of vibration frequencies, the mathematics of exponentials, the neuro-sensory (feedback) application of hearing-feelings and the biomechanics (responsive) application of anatomical kinetic energy; called, Neurophonic Audio Music. 


The pedagogy has a two-track learning system, where first track is educational and the second track is commercial/cultural related. Neurophonic Audio is the educational track and The JaHazz Sound is the commercial/cultural track. 


For dance, track one or the educational track is, Vibrational Frequency Dancing and track two or commercial/cultural track is, JaHazzing Dancing.  

Neurophonic Audio is best described as: Sound frequencies patterned for non-invasive neurotransmission brainwave stimulation. (SAMPLE VIDEO @    www.ununun.org: Listening through head phones is the most effective method and means.)

What you will discover using headphones? It’s like teaching the brain to hold two opposing thoughts at once and in this pedagogy, this ability is named: Ambineurodexterity. 

Ambineurodexterity  means, the practicum application of ambidextrous sensory sensation stimulus inputs for neurological translation and transformation into corresponding psychological or physiological output). The purpose is to generate greater cognitive ability for learning comprehension. 


The JaHazz Sound is best described as: An orchestra of sound patterns harmonized to elicit physical movements related to the beat feelings.  


Vibrational Frequency Dancing – The application of the kinetic energy to speak in the communicative language of motion to teach STEM. 


JaHazzing Dancing – The commercial/cultural translation for the purpose of cultural relevancy. 



I Got Got:  An example of a Neurophonic Sound commercial track (listen with headphones)


World Identity Theft:  A song in which you will hear the drum speak a few words


Mon You Mental: Hear Chordal Druming as the drum is played like a rhythm guitar


Highpy (High on Happy): A JaHazz Sound example


Love Book: This is a JaHazz Sound love song example


Dirteen: A young relative learning to talk said thirteen and I heard dirteen and this song title was born as a JaHazz Sound


I stated, it is not readily apparent or conceptualize; but it happened through research osmosis.

The Neurological Sound Research Thesis (NSRT) started it and serves as the foundation of the music named: Neurophonic Audio (education track) and The JaHazz Sound (commercial track). Of which the scientific research premise of their creation is presented below (see The Science).

The resultant dance is designated for curricular studies as: A performance art and science-based language, communicated through motion movement expressions, in a dialect called: JaHazzing Dancing.

Today, as a researcher for NuNique Institute Knowledge Engineering; an intellectual property-based nonprofit school for inventive types, is the officially copyright owners and as such, all rights and privileges apply.   

The research is being presented to the public by its creator, Thomas Fuller. The goal of which is to have his music and dance styles be taught to the public, and a local dance studio and the internet are the first initial testing grounds.


What is The JaHazz Sound?  

A genre/style of music that’s the result of scientific research by Thomas Fuller for NuNique Institute Knowledge Engineering, an intellectual property-based school.


The science:

For the sake of simplicity and understanding, imagine the waxing and waning of ocean waves as signals and you’re standing perpendicular; as these two different input frequencies (waves) integrate in and out of phase. The result is the constant increasing and decreasing differences (think surfing) creating an amplitude-modulated standing wave.


This fluctuating rhythm at the frequency of the difference between the two auditory inputs creates a neurological third beat. Visualize, the ocean wave rushing out from shore (waxing) is met by a wave rushing in to shore (waning) and at the meeting point the two waves grow to create that third action. This is the wave surfers surf, that third beat.


Scientifically, when two different frequencies signals are presented; one to each ear, they cause the brain to detect differences in the phase between the signals. A detected phased difference under normal and natural circumstances would provide directional insight.


Neurologically, The Neurophonic Audio causes the brain to process the signals differently, and to effectively experience this third beat. It is this imaginary “third beat” upon which JaHazzing Dancing is based.


In listening to Neurophonic Audio or The JaHazz Sound, the perceptual integration of the two signals taking place causes the brain to actually produce the psycho-sensory awareness of a third “beat” frequency. Thus, it is based upon 5 dimensions of sound or 5D music.


Due to and because of the fact, the entire pedagogy is theorem-based and has its own sine wave, JaHazzing Dancing; likewise, is based upon the 5 dimensions (5D) of sound and so named:

                        JaHazzebu, or ZeBu. . 

                        JaHazzomo, or ZoMo.  

                         JaHazzume, or ZuMe.

                         JaHazzigo, or ZiGo.

                         JaHazzaqu, or ZaQu   


5 Dimension Sound         Diagram/Sine wave below 

Time: first dimension of Motion 

Wave: second dimension of State 

Phase, core dimension of Vibration 

Axis, fourth dimension of Frequency 

Degree, fifth dimension of Point 

Known as; Knowledge Engineering Pedagogy, it teaches the

   5 Dimensions (5D) of music and dance:

Education Music Track 1 (The Neurophonic Sound) and 

Commercial Music Track 2 (The JaHazz Sound)

Education Dance Track 1 (Vibration Frequency Dancing) and Commercial Dance Track 2 (JaHazzing Dancing)


 Stay tuned:  The Future of Now; Coming to ears near you.

NuNique Institute Knowledge Engineering 

   Director: Thomas Fuller

The magnificence of GOD  in a human form of personality and character, expressed in the uniqueness of self and exhibited as an infinite creative force of goodness, IS  projected through the works of intelligent acts and expressions related to education and knowledge, but most of all LOVE



 Below:  Numeric Logarithmic Patterns

(Note: these are actual numbers at microscopic level of a patterns-based curriculum test)


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Chordal Drumming 

The JaHazz Sound    


Five Dimensions (5D) Patterns-based Music (click)




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