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Memorial Day Tuesday to my military comrades. 


I propose a military story in the form of a question? 


How do you defeat your competition without conflict? 



That’s a tenant of the Art of War, an ancient military treatise attributed to Chinese military general Sun Tzu. 


To many, it’s a book of words and to others, it’s a practical guide to self-determination. 


Defeat the enemy without ever laying al hand on him. 


Well, how do you do that?   


Here's the answer (Hint: see first and last word): 


Belief is the currency of faith 

Faith is the currency of life 

Life is the currency of knowledge 

Knowledge is the currency of energy 

Energy is the currency of money 

Money is the currency of psychology 

Psychology is the currency of mentality 

Mentality is the currency of being 

Being is the currency of belief 


Let’s say you’ve built the dominance of your belief on the aspect of money and you built that belief into the reality of world dominion. 


Belief substantiated. 


Psychologically, said belief becomes and is the status of your being.


I as your enemy have acquired this knowledge and have it validated and substantiated as a mentality. 


The Art of War says you can defeat an opponent without a single bullet.  How? 


Knowing your opponent’s mentality means knowing where the weakness and strengths are.   


A people that determine success predicated upon the currency of money is an easier target than one based upon the energy capital of knowledge. 


For example:  What the opponent sees is; the media will focus on a person buying a yacht or buying the most expensive home as “news.” 


That’s news to me.  Belief substantiated. 


The individual(s) in pursuit of the energy ideal of knowledge isn’t worthy of the value of the ability to purchase a yacht.   


You see money is predicated upon belief and wearing that belief on the sleeve. 


Know thy enemy.  Know thy self.   


We know that you don’t have the mental predisposition to handle a psychological blow to your monetary dominance. 


How do we know? 


The BRICS thrown shattered your window.


You’ve built your view and world based upon your belief in the value of money and your money is the Dollar. 


Guess what, your Dollar is no longer wanted here.


Guess what, you need to buy my energy and now you must buy another currency to get it.  


And as a matter of fact, tell all your trading partners, they too must also buy another currency to purchase energy.   


Check mate!   


I as an investor am going to do what?  Not invest in that stronger currency? 


We have the knowledge that success begets success; if ignorance is successful, more ignorance comes fore.


If BS is successful, more BS comes fore. You get what you beget. Got it?!.


Defeat at the hands of mind. 


Leadership lost.  Money lost.  Psychology lost.  Ignorance lost.  Dollar lost.  Mentality lost. 


Won you over without war; by The Art of War.   


Happy Memorial Day. 



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See video below

EYE QUE TEST: Study this picture. The myth of Big Foot has never been captured in real time footage.

1.      See the real greenery, red water, white sand and shadows of from leaves?

2.      IORM (Image Of Real Man) pictured above, see his long neck protruding from the earth?

3.      Can Unreal Engine 5 fake this digitally? NO! The picture is 100% real 

4.      MIT, Hollywood, V.I. or forensics experts; with all the money, resources and connection?

5.      Egyptian Pharaoh? Italian? Greek? Middle Eastern? You can tell me how the pyramids were built and you didn’t see them do it, but you can’t tell me how IORM was born and you see it.

6.      You say technology is the answer to everything, then let it answer this question?







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